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Shag lessons tonight at the Lodge. Beginners start at 6:30 and Intermediates
at 7:30. It is also Ladies Night and tonight there will be some of your
favorite wines on special. Come to the lodge to meet and greet friends.

Are you a member of the Grand Lodge Elks website. Here you will find a world
of information about Elkdom. Take a peek at what other lodges are doing
around the country. It will make you proud to be a part of the greatest
fraternal organization in the United States. Sign up today at

Do you have a login for the North Carolina State Elks Association. This is
our state website that has lots of information about your state Elks. You
can download a state newsletter and convention forms. It’s time to sign up
for the Fall Convention in Concord. Please sign up if you have not. Register
at the bottom left hand corner at:

Are you a member of our Facebook page? Click here and ask to be a member. You will be approved soon. You can always
find updates on Lodge happenings here.